Remember the song that played during that amazing summer with your friends? And the

happy but melancholic way it makes you feel now? That’s what Blanks wants with his music. Debut album ‘Nothing Lasts Forever, And That’s OK’ released October 2021. Started out as a bedroom producer at his parental home, the 24-year-old songwriter is already the most promising indie pop artist from the Netherlands. Traveling the world as the overexcited music boy he is, not even a pandemic could bring down his spirit. Blanks stayed optimistic as always and immediately wrote and released an uplifting quarantine song with quirky dance moves on top. He’s always looking for ways to connect with his fans andthanks to social media they are more engaged than ever! That makes Blanks part of the next wave of artists like Conan Gray, Troye Sivan, and Shawn Mendes, who were able to receive mainstream success thanks to their highly engaged online fanbases. While playing around on Instagram, Blanks frequently asks his followers to contribute ideas during his songwriting process, resulting in instant bops like ‘Wave’, ‘Bittersweet’ and ‘Higher’. His YouTube channel ‘Music by Blanks’ currently has over 1.3 million subscribers and expresses his unlimited love for music, e.g. during his ‘Blanks Invites’ series which led to studio collaborations with Alfie Templeman, Dayglow, San Holo, and Sheppard. Besides his artist project, Blanks also mentors an online songwriting and production class, amongst others like Charlie Puth, Ryan Tedder, and Louis Bell.With a sold-out EU & NL tour in October & November2021, Blanks is expanding his online presence to offline as well. Playing major showcase festivals like ESNS, New York Indie Week, and Reeperbahn, headlining VidCon London 2020, making an appearance on MTV’s TRL, and getting nominated for an MTV Push Award, he is gearing up to captivate a whole new audience with his overexcited and enthusiastic personality on stages all around the world.But who can better describe Blanks than his fans? Here’s what they say about him:“if a golden retriever was a person and made music” -@smileyhyvck“80s, indie, poppy, authentic music in one very enthusiastic and fresh package” -@bresht_v“very tall, very excited boi”

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