Cocktails and coconuts

Come to the hammock at the OUTERSPACE and sip cocktails while enjoying Long Island Ice Tea? Or maybe a Frequency Colada, or a refreshing Sex on the Traisen, …?

The perfect holiday mood is definitely not too short on the Frequency Festival. Both in the SPACE, as well as in the GREEN STAGE area there is a cocktail stand for you. And those who would like to have a rum nut, look best at our booth „My little coconut“ in the core area or past the campsite. The chill-out atmosphere at the Frequency Festival is definitely no limits.


Lack Space for more beer specialties?

Then you’re in the right place at our Frequency Festival pub OLD SPACE ANCHOR.

In addition to the freshly drafted beers from Zipfer we have the following range for you:

This year there is also musical entertainment for the perfect beer moment – we are happy

We look forward to talented singer songwriters – and do not miss the PUP-KARAOKE.

Weinbar with specialties from Lower Austria

For the wine lovers among you we have prepared a very special bar. At our wine bar in the VIP area, you will be served a variety of selected Lower Austrian fine wines. You can expect wines from the winegrowers Hagn, Bründlmayer, Pasler and Domäne Wachau!

Ingwerer Bar

So that you can hardly save yourself from peculiarities there is this year the Ginger Bar. The award-winning schnapps is prepared by hand in Austria and must be tried. This shot will help you healthy over the festival and also tastes really good!

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