Do you love the FM4 freQuency Festival as much as we do? Then tell your friends about our festival and receive some nice goodies! (free festival passes, free drinks, backstage tour etc.)

For every ticket your friends buy via your personal ticket link you will receive one UFO. These UFO can then be „traded“ for festival goodies:

5 Ufos: official FQ17 freQteam T-Shirt

8 Ufos: free 3-day-festivalpass

12 Ufos: VIP Upgrade for your festivalpass

16 Ufos: second festivalpass for free

18  Ufos: 50 € drink coupon

24 Ufos: third festivalpass for free

26 Ufos: Stage-Access for you and 2 friends

32 Ufos: fourth festivalpass +  VIP Upgrade for all four festivalpasses

35 Ufos: another 50 € drink coupons

40 Ufos: King/Queen of the Festival (5 VIP festivalpasses + travel costs + Backstage- und Stagetour festival director Harry Jenner + another 50 € drinking coupons)

Alle weiteren Infos gibts HERE