Caravan Camping

Caravan Camping

General Info

There is a separate area for caravan camping near the river “Traisen”. To park and camp there you have to get yourself a separate caravan ticket. The caravan ticket is only valid in combination with a festival pass or VIP festival pass.

Only the driver needs a caravan ticket. All other passengers just need their normal festival pass, VIP festival pass or BFF festival pass. Please have your tickets ready when you enter the caravan camping area.

What defines a Caravan?

You are only allowed to enter this area with a caravan, a trailer or a pop-up camper. A caravan is considered to be a vehicle that can accommodate all its passengers in terms of sleeping space. Vehicles longer than 11 meters and exceeding a weight of 3,5t are not allowed at the caravan area.

You can put up one awning, in which you are not allowed to sleep in due to security reasons. Sleeping tents next to your vehicle are not permitted. There is plenty of space for all the caravans, but please be fair and do not occupy to much space.


Please help us to save the environment by keeping your camping area clean. You are not allowed to bring glass and bulky objects (such as couches, sofas, plywood…), gas cartouches, gas bottles and flameable liquids into the caravan camping area.

Further prohibitions:

  • Digging holes
  • Open fire
  • Beer crates and other bulky objects
  • Beer tables and banks
  • Weapons or weapon-like objects and fireworks
  • Animals and pets

No liability is accepted for damage, injuries or theft at the caravan area.
Festival passes are not included in the Caravan Only Ticket.
Caravan tickets are only valid in combination with a festival pass, BFF or VIP festival pass!


For Caravan Only Tickets click HERE
Only one ticket needed per caravan.

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