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  • Cashless
  • Activities
  • Advices & Rules
    • By entering the festival site, the visitor accepts the house rules.
    • No liability is assumed for damages, injuries and theft at the campsite! Parking at your own risk, the Road Traffic Regulations apply. Only licensed vehicles are allowed to enter and park at the site.
    • The instructions of the security personnel must be followed.


    • Camping & access to the festival area are only possible with a valid frequency festival pass.
    • Camping is only included with valid festival passes.
    • Camping is only allowed within the designated areas.
    • There is no camping option for daily visitors.
    • Please keep traffic-,  rescue- and escape routes as well as closed roads clear.
    • Please take your tents after the festival with you and use them again - this protects the environment and saves you money!



    Please help protect the environment and keep your campsite clean!


    In the Hofer Snack & Chill Area you have the possibility to use the grills there for free. Open fire is forbidden outside the Snack & Chill area and therefore we ask you not to bring your own barbecue.

    Party Tents

    The setting up of party tents is not recommended for reasons of security,  space and environment. If you have one, please note that this is used by several festival visitors and covers at least 50% of the sleeping tent.

    Children & Teenagers

    The last version of the Lower Austrian Protection for Minors applies. Security is required to ensure compliance with this law. Children from 10 years old pay the full price.

    Damages, Injuries & Theft

    No liability is assumed for damages, injuries and theft on the entire festival grounds (park, camping and caravan sites, as well as on the core site, etc.)!

    Please always keep an eye on your belongings.


    Bathing and swimming in the river Traisen is basically possible, but the organizer advises caution! We point out that the Traisen is a running water, and swimming there can be dangerous. Attention! The organizer accepts no liability. Please take care of the environment, and do not throw trash into the river!

  • Prohibitions
    • Camping outside the designated areas & on trails is strictly prohibited.
    • Camping on the embankment or on the shore of the Traisen is strictly forbidden for security reasons!
    • It is forbidden to enter the weir and the associated buildings.
    • Large gas cartridges
    • Gas cylinders
    • Various flammable liquids
    • Open fire (you can do a BBQ in the Hofer Snack & Chill Area)
    • Any kind of cooking utensils & grills
    • Glass
    • Bulky waste (sofas, couches, plywood, etc. must not be carried on the premises)
    • The digging of holes is strictly prohibited
    • Beer crates, beer tables, benches as well as bulky objects
      Bicycles, mopeds
    • Weapons or weapon-like objects, fireworks of any kind
    • Pets of any kind
    • Selfiesticks are forbidden in the core site.
    • Relevant flags / banners with right-wing background
    • Drones
  • House rules

    House rules for 2018 can be found HERE

  • Safety at the FQ Festival

    Emergency Task Forces

    Fire brigade: (+43) 122
    Police: (+43) 133
    Ambulance: (+43) 144

    The fire brigade should immediately be informed if a fire breaks out anywhere, even if it appears to be already under control, or seems to be extinguished.

    On both big stages, at the campsite as well as at the caravan site there is a station with trained medical staff.


    Open air events can lead to unexpected measures due to the weather. (Interruption of performances, field evacuation, tent evacuations ...). These measures are announced through speakers, screens and security services. In this case, the instructions of the security service must be followed without contradiction!


    If you are in danger of lightning storms or storms, please go to your cars and help other visitors without a car and offer your free places, if possible! (You can show free places by switching on the hazard flasher!) Please avoid dangerous spots such as big tents, trees towers and superstructures!


    Ear protection is available at all box offices, at the entrance, at the info point and at the FM4 container.


    Security checks happen at the entrance to the campsite and the site, where dangerous objects will be removed! According to our house rules, carrying dangerous objects is prohibited!


    There will be Wavebreakers on both stages. When crossing maximum capacity the wavebreakers will be closed temporary during the concerts in oder to provide you with full safety and a comfortable concert experience.

  • App

    Updated app will be online by spring 2019

  • Festival wristband counter

    At the entrance to the campsite, tickets are exchanged for festival wristbands. All tickets will be scanned for their authenticity without exception. If you have a print-at-home ticket please bring a printed version of your ticket, because the scanners don't work on your mobile phone.

    Please keep the ticket ready when accessing the entrance to avoid delays. The wristbands are not transferable.

  • Cash machine/ATM

    The freQuency festival is cashless. That's why there is no cash machine available at the festival site. The next cash machine is situated near the Merkur supermarket (about 500 meter walking distance)

  • Info counter/ Lost & Found

    The info counter / Lost & Found is located at the core area, left to the Space Stage. Here you will find all the festival-related information as well as information about train and bus timetables. During the festival you can ask there for found objects.

    The Lost & Found container  is situated near the entrance, where you got your festival wristband.

    After the festival you can ask for your lost items here:

    Lost & Found office St. Pölten
    Town Hall, Parterre
    Town Hall 1
    3100 St. Pölten
    Tel .: +43 (0) 2742 -333-3020
    E-Mail: fundamt@st-poelten.gv.at

    Opening hours:
    Mon., Wed. and Thurs. 7.30 am -04:00 pm, Tues. 7.30 am - 06:00 pm and Fr. 7.30 am - 01:00 pm

  • Garbage deposit

    A  deposit of EUR 10, - will be collected at the main entrance. After returning a full garbage bag you will get back 5 €. The rest will be retained as a garbage contribution and will be used 100% for the maintenance and full restoration of the St. Pölten Greenpark.

    The deposit can be returned on Saturday from 12:00 until Sunday 12:00. Anyone who has a tent or a backpack will be considered a camper, regardless of the ticket. Therefore  you will have to pay garbage deposit.

    Please help protect the environment and keep your campsite clean!

  • Opening Hours

    Info will be only by spring 2019

  • Press Area

    The entrance is located near the left viewing plattform at the Space Stage. Access only with press band. Accreditation contacts can be found  at press area on www.barracudamusic.at

  • Wheelchair Area

    The Space Stage (Main Stage) has its own wheelchair area located on a higher platform.

    There is also a natural elevation in the area of the Green Stage which gives you a nice view.

  • Sanitary Area & Drinking Water Facilities

    There are sanitary stations at the campsite, at the caravan site and at the core site.

    There are water-rinsed toilets at the large sanitary station at the campsite as well as at the caravan site and in the core area. In addition, larger mobile toilet stations are situated at several locations.

    Further sanitary stations are located at the VIP-, Comfort- and Greencamping Area.

    There are drinking water facilities in the sanitary areas on the camping and caravan site, in the core area near the Space Stage as well as the toilet stations located there.

  • Ticket Info

    We strongly advise you to not buy tickets from private sellers on the street. Unfortunately, there have often been problems with fake tickets, with which the entrance to the festival and camping grounds will be refused.

  • VIP Area

    The VIP area is located on the right sided viewing plattform at the space stage. There is a limited number of VIP tickets for the VIP area. These include the access to the VIP area and the use of the VIP parking and the VIP campsite.

    ATTENTION: Access to the VIP parking is guaranteed by all those arriving on time. For late arrivals it is possible that free spaces at VIP parking are no longer available! Please check the VIP tickets at the entrance.

  • How can I add credit to the cashless chip in advance?

    What needs to be done at home?

    1. Log into the system
    2. Connect your festivalticket to the account
    3. Top up some money (100, 250 or 500 euros)
    4. Confirm the payment

    What needs to be done at the festival?

    1. Your festival ticket will be scanned
    2. You will get your festival wristband with your personal chip on it
    3. Your money (minus € 1,80 activation fee) will automatically be transferred to your chip
  • How do I add credit to the cashless chip at the festival?

    You can top up the chip on site at every Top-Up- and Self Service Stations by:

    • bank card (Maestro)
    • credit card (Visa, Master Card)
    • cash
    • or online

    By handing over cash, putting in your PIN or signing the credit card receipt the top-up is considered confirmed. Only your bank according to their TOS can help you with abuse of your bank card/credit card by third parties.

    It makes sense to top up a suitable amount right away.

    Should there be verifiable monetary advantages for the guest through handling errors, the guest is not authorized to spend this money. We reserve the right to correct these errors as soon as they become obvious.

  • How does paying with the Chip work?

    It's easy:

    • Get your festival wristband when you enter the festival. You chip is already attached to your wristband.(Ladestation).
    • Any financial exchange in the venue and on the camping site will be conducted through this chip. Cash will not be accepted. Exceptions: Early Camping, Trash deposit and Shuttle Buses.
    • Payment process: Hold your chip to the payment device, check the amount on the display and our bar crew then confirms the payment. Mistakes cannot be rectified later and cancellations are not possible. The amount is deducted from the credit balance. Only when the payment process is completely finished, you will get the product / service afterwards.
    • Tip: Before you line up e.g. at the bar, always mind your credit balance so you can avoid lining up twice because of insufficient credit.
    • Every Cashless chip has a unique number code printed on its back.
      Put in this code at www.frequency.at/cashless or in the Frequency App and you can see your current credit balance and transactions at all times (Internet connection required). Also, you can have your current credit balance checked at all assisted Top-Up Stations, Self Service Stations and with the bar crew.
    • Personalization: You can also personalize your chip, in order to do that you have to state your Email-address, your first and last name at www.frequency.at/cashless.  You can have possibly remaining credit on the Card transferred back online (for this you have to state your bank details separately before the transfer). To check your transactions online, you can save your personal chip info by personalizing your chip.
    • Aside from the possibility to get remaining credit transferred back comfortably to you online, you can also get a cash pay-out on site at one of the main Top-Up Stations (one near the wristband issue point, one at the Space Stage, on at the entrance to the Green Stage and one at the camping site near the food court).
  • What is a Top-Up Station (Ladestation) and where do I find one?

    Top-Up Stations are specially branded containers with assistance where

    • top up credit
    • check your credit balance
    • and get help with your questions

    In addition, there are three main Top-Up Stations which are bigger and better staffed (one near the wristband issue point, one at the Space Stage, one at entrance to the Green Stage and one at the camping site near the food court), where you can also get your credit back in cash.

    Here you see the Top-Up Stations at a glance: area map coming soon.

  • Do Top-Up Stations have opening hours?

    The main Top-Up Stations (area map coming soon) are staffed around the clock, we will spread our crew here according to the demand. We are offering this service at night, but we ask for your understanding that there will only be a small team on duty and longer waiting times are possible.

  • Where can I see my current credit balance?
    • Every Cashless chip has a unique number code printed on it.
    • Put in this code at www.frequency.at/cashless or in the Frequency App
    • and you can see your current credit balance and transactions at all times (Internet connection required). Also, you can have your current credit balance checked at all assisted Top-Up Stations.
  • How much should I add to the chip, reasonably?

    Generally there is no minimum top-up. But it makes sense to get a suitable amount of credit for the whole festival right away:

    • You spare yourself from some unnecessary walks to the Top-Up Stations.
    • It will not happen to you that quickly that you're at the bar and realize when paying that you're out of credit (back to the start).
    • You get your money back easily and comfortably, therefore it's better to add a bit too much than too little (see "How will I get my money back?").
  • How will I get my money back?

    You can get your remaining credit transferred back to you online comfortably after the festival (only possible with personalization of the chip).

    • Notice that the online retransfer is only active from August 21st, 02:00 pm on. At that point all of the transactions from the festival are guaranteed to be synchronized in the system.
    • You have to arrange the online retransfer until September 17th, 11:59 pm latest.
    • When transferring back to an Austrian account number, no transfer fees or charges will be deducted.
    • The domestic transfer can take up to 5 working days. With foreign accounts we reserve the right to retain handling or service fees thereby incurred. Depending on the country, the transfer may take several days up to weeks.

    At the festival site
    You can get your remaining credit back in cash directly on site at one of the main Top-Up Stations (one near the wristband issue point, one at the entrance to the venue and one at the camping site near the food court). For logistical reasons, unfortunately we have to round down the pay-out to 50 Cent increments e.g. your remaining credit of 7,80€ gets rounded down to 7,50€ in cash and you lose your claim to the difference.

    We recommend to make use of the online retransfer in any case. We ask for your understanding that there might be longer waiting times during peak times like main departure time. Should it be impossible due to acts beyond our control to pay out the credit in cash on site, the online retransfer can still be arranged comfortably from home.

    Notice that the cash pay-out is only possible until August 20th, 12:00 noon. After that the remaining credit can only be refunded via the previously described online transfer option during the stated time period.

  • What are my benefits?
    • The chip system saves time,
      is easy to handle
      and will shorten waiting times at catering outlets.

    A regular financial transaction with cash always takes more time e.g. for handing over the change. The chip reduces the duration to a minimum. There is no necessity to carry cash all the time and the system increases security and transparency of the payment transactions and leaves the guest free of care. For further benefits see the next point.

  • How do I benefit from personalizing the Card?

    You can also personalize your chip, in order to do that you have to state the following info on www.frequency.at/cashless:

    • your chip number
    • your Email-address
    • your first
    • and last name at

    *The option to personalize your chip is possible from the first day of the festival on.

    Thereby you can

    • you can have possibly remaining credit on the chip transferred back online (for this you have to state your bank details separately before the transfer)
    • To check your transactions online, you can save your personal card info by personalizing your card.
  • Will there still be a cash machine?


  • How secure is my data?

    State-of-the-art technology and encryption methods are being used to protect the data and credit balance of the guests. Reliability and data security are the main priority.

  • What happens if my chip is damaged?

    Every guest is obligated to handle their chip properly and carefully. We will not be liable for the lack of care of a chip (e.g. damage/loss/theft) or incorrect use by the guest.

  • Can I lock my chip?

    If you personalized your card correctly our cashless crew can lock your card. Until the chip is completely locked there might be a slight delay due to updates. Therefore we can't guarantee to lock your card in real time.

    If can not be hold liable for any misuse of your chip. So please always keep an eye on your chip and do not lose it!

  • Can the system fail?

    Due to a special infrastructure a system failure is impossible in practice.

  • Which currency is used?

    All transactions processed in EUROS.

  • How can I disable my Card?

    If you have lost your Card you can alert our Card-crew - as long as your Card has been personalized already and the data is successfully stored in our system your Card can be disabled. It can take a few minutes until your Card is disabled completely. Due to delayed system updates we can't guarantee a card cancellation for 100 %.

    Unfortunately we cannot be held liable for the misuse of your Card in the time until it can be completely disabled by us. Tip: Take good care of your Cards!

  • Signing Tent

    At the VOLUME signing tent powered by Red Bull MOBILE everyone can say hello to the stars, to make a photos and to get a signature.

    About one week prior to the festival you can find the exact timetable on volume.at

  • Chill Out Tent

    Is situated in the Chill Out area right next to the GREEN STAGE Day Park.

  • Dosensammelaktion für Freibier / Viva Con Agua

    The entrance to the Nightpark is situated outside the Daypark area at the Kelsengasse. The capacity is limited! At peak times longer waiting times can occur. Therefore pay attention to the "Nightpark traffic light", which lights up red when the maximum capacity of the Nightpark is reached.

  • Collecting cans for free beer / Viva Con Agua

    Help us keep the campsite clean! Again this year, there is the ZIPFER can exchange initiative. For 15 empty collected beer cans (no matter which brand), you'll get one free 0,5 l beer can at ZIPFER tent s
    Viva con Agua collects cups at our festival. For every cup they receive € 1, which is used for drinking water and sanitation projects in Malawi. You can find more information about this great project at www.vivaconagua.at

  • Mobile recharge stations

    FM4 - Your Frequency radio

    Radio FM4 will be broadcast every day by many hours of interviews, livestreams and  reports from the festival. You will also find a lot of reports with pictures and videos from the festival on fm4.orf.at

    A central point for all sorts of things is the FM4 stand, where you can buy new FM4 shirts and many other things. FM4 will also launch the FM4 Hashtag Printer, which will allow you to take your Instagram and Twitter photo postings as a nice photo to take home with you. Just tag it with # fm4stand and come directly to the FM4 stand. All photos can easily be made into postcards by writing on the back and affix a stamp. Today, the FM4's self-assured FM4 fan is also fitted with FM4 fake tattoos, FM4 stickers and the brand-new FM4 school calendar.

    FM4 reports before, during and after the FM4 Frequency Festival - with concert recordings, interviews, reports from the campground, photo shows, and more! FM4 - Your Frequency Radio!

    Absolutely everything about the FM4 Frequency Festival 2018 can be found on fm4.orf.at/frequency

  • HYPER SPACE (aka. Party Zone)

    Straight after the core area on the way to the river Traisen you'll find the Party Zone. Every day  bands, DJs and the Silent Disco will turn the campsite into a big party. During the day times you can either relax or dance there. At night our friends from Silent Disco Austria will prove that the silent does not always means quiet! Check it out!

    Information about the schedule is available in the spring of 2018

  • Cigarette Lounge

    Drinks, tabacco as well as DJs (playing electro, house and D'n'B) can be found there.

  • Twerk Workshop & Twerk Weltrekordversuch (by ti:ku)

    In Kooperation mit dem Ti:Kju - Twerk & Dance Studio erwarten Dich dieses Jahr gleich zwei po-bastische Events am Frequency 🔥🍑🔥

    1. Twerk Workshop aka Twerkshop
    12:00 – 13:00 Uhr
    Treffpunkt: FQ18 Hyper Space aka Partyzone

    Twerking ist ein Tanzstil in dessen Mittelpunkt ruckartige und kreisende Bewegungen mit der Hüfte stehen und bei dem der Fokus auf das Gesäß gelegt wird. Lerne bei diesem Workshop mit Fun & Action, wie Du Deinen Booty in Szene setzt und zum Shaken bringst! Keine Vorkenntnisse erforderlich.

    2. Twerking Weltrekordversuch 🌍 @Green Stage
    Einlass: 13:30 | Start Animationsprogramm + Rekordversuch: 14:00

    🔥🍑 Schafft es das FQ18 ins Guinness-Buch der Rekorde? 🍑🔥

    Um den in Amerika aufgestellten Rekord „Most people twerking simultaneously“ zu brechen, müssen mindestens 407 FestivalbesucherInnen zeitgleich für drei Minuten twerken. Die drei einfachen Moves, die Dir die Ti:Kju Crew vor Ort zeigt, schaffst Du auch locker ohne Twerking-Vorerfahrung!