• General info about our GREEN concept

    Flee from your daily routine, see some cool bands, have fun with friends, party late into the night and then splash around in the river during the day. That's what the FM4 Frequency Festival stands for. What it does not stand for, however, is the environmental impact that the beautiful festival area is exposed to annually. It's time to do something about it!

    Generations before us have failed to put more emphasis on sustainable production, energy saving, waste separation and reducing plastic consumption. That's why we're now challenged to show the "old" that we're not useless bums sitting in front of our cell phones all day. We are committed young people who care about the environment. We have the power to change something and we will show what we are capable of. Not only in our normal school, university and professional life, but also at a music festival like the FM4 Frequency. Let's all help together to keep the camping area clean. The campground is not a trash bin or a tent cemetery, the river Traisen no bathtub and the core area no oversized Ashtray.

    To help saving the environment, we created a few new green concepts, that will be tested this year.

  • I care! I plant a tree!

    A tent is not a disposable product, but the most important companion at the Frequency Festival. Nevertheless, hundreds of tents are left behind every year on the campsite. This not only results in time-consuming cleanup, but also leads to an enormous amount of unnecessary waste. To counter this, the following idea was born this year:

    For every tent that is taken home, we plant 1 TREE* in cooperation with the Swiss company Carbon Connect and the Kronen Zeitung!

    To do this, just show your packed tent and hand over the wooden token (that was given to you at your arrival) at one of the three stands of the Kronen Zeitung (located near the trash collecting stations).

    Please also convince your neighbors to dismantle their tent and take it home. Together we manage to leave a clean and tidy festival area.

    * This supports the reforestation projects of the „trees for the future“ campaign in Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

  • Upcycling

    Banners & broken tents do not end up in the trash, but will reused by organisations such as Caritas reStart for the production of upcycling products such as gym bags. reStart offers young people the opportunity to pursue meaningful employment, to earn pocket money and to deal with the topic of work in a positive way. Further info about reStart can be found HERE.

  • Can Collection Campaign


    Every can counts! Collect 15 empty cans (no matter what brand), take them to one of the 3 collection points and get a freshly tapped Heineken beer or an ice-cold Red Bull as a thank you at the main collection point.

    The main station is near the Silent Disco tent. The other two collection stations can be found in the Green Camping area and on the opposite bank of the Festival Supermarket. Quench your thirst and at the same time keep the environment clean – it has never been easier to do something good! (Only available while stocks last)

    The can collecting stations are open daily from 09:00 to 18:00. (Wednesday-Saturday)
    The cans are disposed of professionally by our recycling partner.

    Together we are bigger! Our partners Red Bull and Heineken are in the same opinion as us and attach great importance to sustainability!

  • Green Camping (powered by EVN)

    GREEN CAMPING – clean camping!

    If you appreciate rock’n’roll on the one hand, but also a bit of peace and quiet while camping on the other hand,  you can stay at the FM4 Frequency Festival Green Camping area powered by EVN. The Green Camping area is primarily self-regulated. Any visitor who values ​​the above criteria can register for this area (for free) and will get a QR Code as access authorization. One registration is valid for one person. In case of gross violations of the prevailing philosophy, visitors will be banned from the area for the the whole festival.

    A few last green camping spaces are still available.  Restplätze sind noch verfügbar. For more info and registration please go to:

  • Green Team (powered by JUMP)

    The GREEN TEAM has set itself the task of keeping the festival area clean and minimizing waste. With a lot of motivation  200 volunteers are on duty again to keep the grounds clean. As a thank all the team members get a free festival pass and 2 exclusive Green Team Shirts.

  • Trash Deposit & Contribution

    A  trash contribution (incl. the trash deposit) of € 10 will be collected at the main entrance - in cash!  After returning a full garbage bag you will get back your 5 € deposit. The rest will be retained as a garbage contribution and will be used 100% for the maintenance and full restoration of the St. Pölten Greenpark.

  • FQ19 Trash Challenge

    We also want to establish the most meaningful social media hype of the past year at the FM4 Frequency Festival. The task is as follows:

    Take a picture of an area that should be cleaned, and then take a picture after you’ve cleared it of the garbage and post the picture.

    All before-and-after photos posted under the hashtag #FQ19_trashchallenge on Instagram will be entered in a raffle for 2×2 FQ20 festival passes. Of course, all environmentally aware campers can also use their clean campsite as a „before“ photo or remove the stink of other visitors in exemplary fashion.

  • PET bottles ban for FQ crew!

    Also, all Frequency crew members make their contribution to plastic waste reduction. That's why there are no more PET bottles and disposable cups in the crew area. Instead, we all use our own reusable water bottle, which can be refilled at the refill stations at any time. Also in the  area of the Daypark core area, PET bottles will be completely banned.

  • Fritz Kola Refill Stations
    In order to not only help our dear mother nature with our can collection campaign this year we offer you refill stations! With the kind support of fritz-kola, you can now tap your favorite soda or water in the Frequency Supermarket and take it to the campsite!
    Also available at the Frequency Supermarket: The Camping Refill Bottle! You do not want to burden the environment with more PET, then this is the best option! We offer you the opportunity to refill  your with Fritz Kola, Fritz Orange Limo, Fritz lemon soda or table water. The stylish and practical aluminum bottle can be easily attached to your belt, waistband or backpack – thanks to the carabiner bottle cap. 
    Attention, this offer is only available at the Frequency supermarket and only while stocks last. If the action receives good feedback from you this year, we hope we can build the project for you next year. Please beware that you are not allowed to enter the main area (where the stages are) with your bottle.

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