We Vote For Europe!


This #WeVoteForEurope campaign is an initiative of YOUROPE (the European Festival Association) for the European Parliament Elections (23 -26 May 2019)

“Today, we are told there is nothing left to fight for. And yet you fight. You fight for the climate. For the end of sexism, for the right to love who you love, and be who you are. You fight for the end of gun violence and injustices done throughout the world.

We, the festivals in Europe, try our best to keep up with you, and create spaces where everybody can be free and enjoy each other and the music.

Thank you for engaging. Thank you for celebrating your freedom at our festivals. Thank you for participating in the fight, for a better world and voting in the European Elections for a future in which we can continue to celebrate together at the European Festivals.

We want to show the effects of voting. We want to show the solidarity across Europe. We want to encourage everyone to vote in the European Election. We are saying THANK YOU for voting!

We would not have freedom of speech, protection of the environment, human rights, a free press and so many other achievements if it wasn’t for VOTING.


Take Your Tent Home


Every year supermarkets and sport stores try to underbid each other with prices for tents and camping equipment. Such offers are partly responsible for the fact that these products are now perceived by many festival visitors as disposable items. To counteract this trend and to save tons of plastic waste, we (as well as lot of other international festivals) are supporting the action of the Association of Independent Festivals (AIF) called “Take your Tent Home”. Help to downsize the CO2-footprint and do not buy cheap disposable camping products. Better invest in high quality products that survive several festivals. And if your tent has a small crack, then just use some duct tape and it’s as good as new. #TakeYourTentHome

Info Video:

Don't buy fake tickets!


Attention – don’t buy fake tickets! Please note that only tickets purchased at official ticket outlets (Öticket, Raiffeisen and Hofer) are valid. All tickets are checked for validity at the festival entrance. Please do not buy tickets on the private market, certainly not electronically!
🎰 Ticket Lottery 🎰
By participating in our ticket lottery you have the very last chance to buy 2 regular festival passes. To kill the black market ☠️ and to protect you from ticket frauds, we have held back a total of 2000 festival passes. From 20.05. every week 200 of these passes will be raffled. Info & registration ☛


FQ19 Green Camping powered by EVN


If you love to party hard in front of the stages, but also appreciate a bit of peace and tidiness at the camping area, you can now register (for free) for our Green Camping area powered by EVN. One registration is valid for one person. For your free registration please go to ☛

Line Up Update



Please welcome: Erwin & Edwin, Dounia & Last Band Standing!

Schnell noch eins der letzten Tagestickets sichern – Die Festivalpässe sind bereits restlos ausverkauft!  Mit etwas Glück könnt ihr euch durch unsere Lottery noch das Kaufrecht auf 2 Pässe sichern >


Red Bull Music Stage


💜 #FQ19 Red Bull Music Stage 💜
Please welcome: Moop Mama, Krautschädl, Leoniden, Flut, Please Madame & Anger // 15.08.

🇬🇧 Festival passes are SOLD OUT! By participating in our ticket lottery you have the very last chance to buy 2 festival passes >

Festival Passes = SOLD OUT


Boooooom 💣 Festival passes and VIP festival passes are now history! Day tickets (no camping option!) and all other ticket categories are still available but critically endangered >


To protect everyone who hasn’t got a festival pass yet from overpriced tickets and ticket fraud, we have saved a limited number of festival passes. From now on you can register for our ticket lottery and thereby have the weekly opportunity to win the right to buy a maximum of 2 tickets per person for € 189,99 per pass. We want all of you to have the most positive festival experience at FM4 Frequency Festival 2019.

Further information & registration go to:

Ticket Update - Last Chance


🇬🇧 What the hell is going on? 😳 It seems like our passes will be completely SOLD OUT in the next couple of days. So better run and get one of those last tickets in one of the oeticket outlets, Raiffeisen banks and HOFER Österreich supermarkets. For online tickets go to ☛

Ticket Phase 4: Sold Out


Last tickets of phase 4 were  SOLD OUT within a few hours! Now it is time for the final phase. If you want to be part of this years Frequency you should better get your tickets real soon

Ticket Update


🇬🇧 Ticket Phase 4 will soon be sold out! The last price-reduced festival passes are available at as well as in all Austrian Hofer supermarkets. As soon as these passes are gone the final ticket phase (€ 189,99) starts.

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