FQ20 Justin Taim Festival Pass


#FQ20 Tickets are available again! 🎊 „Justin Taim“ – the best dog in the world supplies you with festival passes! 🐶❤️ Now available via ☛


Day Ticket Info


Info for all day ticket owners: you can enter the festival area from 02:00 pm on. You will get your festival wristbands at the main entrance. All other entrances do not give out day wristbands.

Travel / Parking Update


Please use the Green Camping parking areas (open to all campers) and the parking lots near the Caravan Camping Area. These areas still have enough capacity and there is also an entrance and a festival wristband counter.

Please do not park in urban areas because otherwise you run the risk of being punished by the police and in the worst case being towed.

Here you will find the arrival and parking plan.

Official Merchandise


All the Freqs standing in the line for our #FQ19 Merch 💥💥💥 You can order our official merch from now on via  👉

I care! I plant a tree!


A tent is not a disposable product, but the most important companion at the Frequency Festival. Nevertheless, hundreds of tents are left behind every year on the campsite. This not only results in time-consuming cleanup, but also leads to an enormous amount of unnecessary waste. To counter this, the following idea was born this year:

For every tent that is taken home, we plant 1 TREE* in cooperation with the Swiss company Carbon Connect and the Kronen Zeitung!

To do this, just show your packed tent and hand over the wooden token (that was given to you at your arrival) at one of the three stands of the Kronen Zeitung (located near the trash collecting stations).

Please also convince your neighbors to dismantle their tent and take it home. Together we manage to leave a clean and tidy festival area.

* This supports the reforestation projects of the „trees for the future“ campaign in Central and South America, Africa and Asia.

FQ19 Ticket Update


Nearly all ticket categories are sold out! 💥 Only a few day tickets for Friday & Saturday and the BFF festival passes are still available. Better hurry up if you want to be a part of this years FM4 Frequency Festival.

FQ20 Earl E. Bird Ticket


Since the Golden Egg festival passes for next year were sold out within a week, the Earl E. Bird passes have recently gone on sale. Better get your pass for FM4 Frequency Festival 2020 (August 20-22, 2020) now! Tickets are now available in all Raiffeisen banks (reduction for Raiffeisen Club members), ticket offices online via

Cashless Pre Top Up


Pre-top up your cashless credit online from home and avoid possible queues 🖕🏼🐍! At the entrance, your credit will be automatically loaded onto the cashless chip. You can also pre-order beer in the webshop and pick it up at Festival Supermarket. ❤️🍻

Connect festival ticket, pre-top up your credit card and pre-order some beer ➤

Golden Egg Sold Out


The # FQ20 Golden Egg tickets are finally sold out! During the next week our lovely Earl E. Bird will be back.

Golden Egg raffle: on multiple request we will hide the very last golden egg at #FQ19. Whoever finds it wins 1×2 festival passes for the FM4 Frequency Festival 2020!

FQ19 Timetable


Voilà – the timetable has finally arrived!  For the overview click on the artwork above or go to ☛