Green Camping 24

Green Camping 24

GREEN CAMPING – clean camping!

If you appreciate rock’n’roll on the one hand, but also a bit of peace and quiet while camping on the other hand,  you can stay at the FM4 Frequency Festival Green Camping area. The Green Camping area is primarily self-regulated. Any visitor who values ​​the above criteria can register for this area (for free) and will get a an email (+ personal code), which is your access authorization. Please print out the email and bring it to the festival.

One registration + printed email is valid for one person.

In case of gross violations of the prevailing philosophy, visitors will be banned from the area for the the whole festival.


Less garbage:  In the Green Camping area garbage should not be thrown on the floor, but into the designated containers.

Rest: Screaming, yelling and yodeling are taboo here. As well as  souvenirs from the football stadium or fan mile and high-powered music players. After all, ears need a break after the day of loud concerts. That does not mean that there has to be a deathly silence – cheerful conversation and music should just happen in the neighbors bearable volume.

Consideration: Although it was already said in the previous paragraphs and applies throughout our life, it should be emphasized once again: This festival should be as pleasant as possible for all who visit it. It is always worthwhile to look to the left and to the right as one expects a certain amount of consideration from his/her neighbors.


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