Camo & Krooked


Every so often an act will emerge in a specific genre and turn it inside out. They’ll pull it, they’ll push it, they’ll make you question everything about it. They’ll bring in their own influences, elements and techniques. They’ll build huge towers then knock them down… Only to build something even bigger, even more influential, timeless and definitive.
One particular duo who continue to do this are multiple award winning, Vienna-based duo Camo & Krooked.

Cited by peers and press as one of the most important and vital acts in drum & bass this generation; since 2007 Reinhard Camo Rietsch and Markus Krooked Wagner have thrown every corner of their souls into the music that brought them together and drives them. For over a decade their distinctive, instantly recognisable signature has been sprayed across the catalogues of the most seminal labels in electronic music, they’ve put Austria on the map as one of the top three incubational countries in their genre and their sound has had a phenomenal impact on the direction of drum & bass.
Now, with four albums, 126 original tunes, 25 remixes, 50 remixes of their own music and 16 awards to their name, they continue to take their sound, vision and ideas to unchartered heights. Thanks to their energy, passion and ability to tear up the rule book time and time again, it still feels like this is only the beginning of their decorated journey.

“Camo & Krooked are the drum & bass rooted duo filling the void in modern dance music. The Austrian duo – made up of Reinhard Rietsch and Markus Wagner – take production leaps and bounds unlike any electronic collective.” DJ Mag

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