The Food Truck Hotspot at Outerspace offers a variety of international delicacies. With over 500 comfortable seats between shady trees, this food court offers enough space to enjoy the not-from-this-earth good dishes. From Latin American specialties, pastrami sandwiches, vegan and vegetarian delicacies on Austrian burger creations and hot dogs to delicate wraps and empanadas left nothing to be desired open!

Food Orbit

To offer even more culinary delights with food artists, we have created this year for you the visually spacey Food Orbit. The new hotspot for food trucks offers more shady seating directly overlooking the Ferris wheel and tempts with culinary delights such as dumpling variations and dumplings from the Bohemian Knödle Niklas; Hummus, falafel and oriental antipasti from Maza as well as Kasnockn and peasant spaetzle from Smile Event.

Galactic Fortress

If you growl with fire, laser and a good load of whimpering on the fat 360 ° C Galactic Fortress you do not have to search and march for a long time , Two, three times even to 150 BPM stomp and here is Galactic Fortress Food Court Cockaigne with a large selection for the quick hunger in between. Here you can expect finger food, Asian specialties, steak sandwiches, burgers and curry variations. For a sweet finish, we recommend you donuts, ice cream from Schöller or just sipping a coconut.

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