You are a loyal fan of the FM4 Frequency Festival? Then start spreading your love for the FM4 Frequency Festival to your friends and get some great goodies! (free festival passes, cashless top-ups, Merch and more)

For each ticket, that is sold with your personalized freQ-Code, you will get an UFO. Your collected UFOs can then be exchanged for different goodies:


5 Ufos: one FQ24 T-Shirt

10 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt + one free festival pass 

15 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt +one festival pass + 25 € Cashless

20 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt + two free festival passes + 25 € Cashless

25 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt + three free festival passes + 25 € Cashless  + one pallet of beer

30 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt +three free festival passes +in total 50 € Cashless top-up + one pallet of beer

35 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt + in total four free festival passes + in total 50 € Cashless top-upone pallet of beer

40 Ufos: FQ24 Shirt + in total four free festival passes + in total 100 € Cashless top-up + beer + Backstage Tour

60 Ufos: King/Queen of Planet Frequency with two FQ24 Shirts + 2 BFF festival passes + in total 150 € Cashless Guthaben + beer + Backstage Tour


Apply here:


Your FreQuency Team

You can check your status here:

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