You are a loyal fan of the FM4 freQuency Festival? Then start spreading your love for the FM4 Frequency Festival to your friends and get great goodies for it! (free Festival-Passes, Coupons for Free-Drinks, Backstage-Tours etc.)

For each ticket, that is sold with your personalized freQ-Code, you will get an UFO. Your collected UFOs can then be exchanged for different goodies:

5 Ufos: FQ19 T-Shirt

8 Ufos: free Festival-Pass

12 Ufos: VIP Upgrade for your Festival-Pass

16 Ufos: get another Festival-Pass for free

18 Ufos: 50 € Coupon for Drinks

24 Ufos: get another Festival-Pass for free

26 Ufos: Stage-Access for you and 2 of your friends

32 Ufos: get another Festival-Pass for free + VIP Upgrade for all the Festival-Passes

35 Ufos: another 50 € Coupon for Drinks

40 Ufos: King/Queen of the Festival (5 VIP Festival-Passes + travel expenses  + Backstage- and Stage tour with Festival director Harry Jenner + another 50 € Coupon for Drinks)

Infos and more after you register to be part of this years freQteam.

Lots of LOVE

Your FreQuency Team

freQteam Registration

freQteam Registration

Registration is closed for this year.

freQteam UFO-List

You can check your progress of the collected UFOs under the following link. Just use the search function in your browser by clicking cmnd + g or use  cmd + f in the downloaded pdf-document to get to your personal freQ-Code.

We will update the list frequently, to always keep you up to date.

–> UFO-UPDATE_23.04.2019 <–



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