FQ21 can't take place 😭


Dear everyone,

we fought! Fought to finally be able to celebrate several days and nights together again, to make new friends, to cool off in the Traisen after the concerts and to immerse the gray everyday life in color. We fought to make the most beautiful reunion of the year possible. As of today, however, it is a sad certainty that, despite all our efforts, we will once again not be able to win the fight against the virus.

After obtaining a scientific opinion, the city of St. Pölten decided yesterday that outdoor events in which more than 1,500 people are to take part and which last longer than one calendar day will be prohibited from July 28, 2021, after the current ordinance of the Federal Minister has expired. This means that FM4 Frequency Festival cannot be held in August either.

We will not be discouraged by this, but will keep fighting. 2022 will be our year! At last! Take good care of yourself, stay healthy and optimistic so that we can hug each other again in August 2022.

Let’s reunite planet Frequency on
August 18-20, 2022
FM4 Frequency Festival 2022
Greenpark, St. Pölten

All information about the ticket swap and voucher regulations will follow shortly!

Your Frequency Team

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