FQ21 Line Up Update


Since we know that the FM4 Frequency Festival can take place in 2021, we have worked day and night through sweat and tears to keep every single act in the line-up. Of course, due to international tour cancellations or postponements, it was not possible keep the line as it was, but still we are super happy to be able to present you the updated program.

Due to the unsafe COVID-19 indoor rules, we decided to move the Nightpark outside on the Green Stage. There you can dance open air until the sunrise. 😻 Due to the official volume restrictions, the Nightpark outdoor action will take place as a silent disco.

Thank you for your indescribable support! If we can get an adequate vaccination coverage now, nothing can stop us. It will be the best party of the year! ☀️💞

Ticket Personalization:  All visitors have to create an account in advance at www.frequency.at/en/shop and use it to connect their day ticket or festival pass. This is the only way to guarantee entry!


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