Rent your niuway Eco-Tent

Rent your niuway Eco-Tent

RENT INSTEAD OF HAULING! We’re taking on disposable tents and making Frequency a bit greener! This year, you have the opportunity to rent an “Eco-Zelt” from niuway, as well as airbeds and camping chairs for a fee. This not only benefits our planet by reducing waste but also saves you the hassle of lugging tents around. The tents and accessories will be made ready again after the festival and can be used another time. 💚 You can make your bookings HERE.

This is how it works:

  1. You can book your niuway Tents HERE. Please be aware that the tents are “Rental only“, which means you have to give them back after the festival.
  2. You can reserve a 2- or 4- person tent
  3. You will get a booking confirmation and can travel to the festival without any stress.
  4. On site you pick up your tent and have to pay a deposit of 50 euros. 
  5. You return the tent after the festival – niuway takes care of the Refresh. If the tent is in good condition your will get back your deposit onto your cashless chip.
  6. The tent will be used at other festivals and will be recycled if partys are broken.


Product Details:

  • Spacious tent with small storage space
  • Easy Assembly
  • Water-, and Windproof
  • 2-Person-Tent: Cabin 270 x 140cm / Tent area 360cm x 160 cm
  • 4-Person-Tent: Cabin 270 cm x 240 cm / Tent area 410 cm x 250 cm

Additional Accessories:

Additionally, there is now the option to rent camping chairs or airbeds. These also need to be returned after the festival.

HERE is where you can find the camping chairs.

HERE is where you can find the airbeds.

Pick-Up Times:

will be added closer to the festival


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